Mobility Scooter Guide

Mobility scooters are split into two main classes

Class 2 mobility scooters can travel up to 4mph on pavements and are allowed on roads to cross them. Some Class 2 scooters are suitable for indoor use as they are small and compact. Some Class 2 scooters can be easily dismantled to fit into the boot of a car.

Class 3 mobility scooters are similar to Class 2, but tend to be larger, be used on the road and travel up to 8mph (although are restricted to 4mph on pavements). Class 3 users don't require a driving licence but should obey the Highway Code (i.e. have reasonable vision and not drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs etc.)
Other important things to think about are the fact that, by law, you must register your Class 3 (8mph) Mobility Scooter with the DVLA for road tax. This is free of charge and done once you purchase a scooter. You must also be registered as disabled and be over the age of 14 to drive a Class 3 Mobility Scooter.

Why choose a mobility scooter?

It is not only registered disabled people who can benefit from a mobility scooter. If you find that you cannot manage to walk as far as you would like or need, maybe because of tiredness, poor balance, lack of confidence, or pain, a mobility scooter may provide the solution for helping you to achieve everyday things like shopping and visiting friends.

Specific considerations

  • Are you aged 14 or over?
  • Is your sight reasonable (i.e. you are not registered blind)?
  • Are you registered disabled? (Class 3 scooters only)
  • Will you need to travel on main roads?
  • What are your seating needs?
  • Do you need the scooter to be portable, or able to fit in a car?
  • Do you have weakness or loss of mobility or sensation on one side?
  • Where and how often will you want to use a mobility scooter?
  • Will you need to go up kerbs, hills or steep gradients?
  • Where will you store the scooter and recharge the batteries?
  • How far do you need to travel?

TGA product overview

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